So reddit can crash and burn if you ask me, but I don't understand why they want to redesign. The clunky modern UI is why Imzy never took off, in my opinion... Changing the design will alienate their existing users, isn't that literally what happened to Digg and what led to reddit gaining traction?!

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@Gargron yeah, digg died when they tried to update their design, and that's when reddit took off 😂

@Gargron True, but considering the bosses there has said racism is allowed on reddit I say just let them have it, I'm gonna start looking for other places to connect with the communities I am in.

@Gargron Digg also had the voting cabal, which kept new users from ever getting to the front page. Reddit has voting cabals, but there's no Unified Front Page for everyone, so it's less effective.

@Gargron Speaking of Digg, I rather like the current iteration of Digg as just a curated list of interesting links without any of that stupid commenting and upvoting crap. I usually find some cool stuff there every day.

@Gargron Also I went to look for some screenshots of the new design, and apparently it is now... Facebook?

Way to read the mood, reddit.

@Gargron possibly they want to look different from the open-source version after they stopped updating it with the new code.

@gargron If you follow the Beta feedback, that has been a loud point of contention.

People feel
a) The terrible UI/UX keeps new people away, which is a good thing to some
b) the focus is shifting to "socializing" the site, akin to FB, and monetizing browsing behaviors

I doubt the people complaining will stop using the site.

I wonder if the fact that a lot of people use RES or 3rd party mobile apps will impact Reddit like Digg's changes did. Will they even notice?

@Gargron change for the sake of change. But good to see that they want a change.

@Gargron idk man i think a good ui might help bc if done correctly then new users wont be so turned off from the 2000s look plus the current ui is difficult for new users its not very intuitive (my take on it)

@Gargron I think Digg's issues went well beyond the UI. I remember the content becoming a lot less useful.

@Gargron I don't understand the new profile things. I used to use it up until last year as a psuedo baseball forum but then they started rolling out the "hey we want to be a social network" profiles. After that I jumped ship but haven't gotten around to deleting my accounts. The unfortunate part is, the MLB has also deleted their message boards so there's not any consensus on where to go that isn't discord or reddit. Neither of which I particularly like for discussing baseball.

@Gargron Reddit, is our only solace of hope for the internet.

@Gargron The more things change, the more they stay the same, mate.

@Gargron the way I remember it was that Digg died when its owners tried to suppress its users’ submissions about BluRay decryption keys. Quaint, though, in this era of YouTube’s algorithmic content policing.

Also, Reddit was a smaller community with text-only posts of higher quality — that is also hilarious, now.

@Gargron There were userstyles for the longest time. Then reddit lets gilded users use custom themes. So redesign is not that big of a deal as long as they mostly keep functionality.

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