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What I don't like: When scrolling on a website loads a different article and changes the URL in the address bar :thinkhappy:

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@Gargron same, the farther sites get from how you navigated it in 1995 the less i enjoy them

@Gargron The Gizmodo media group is a terrible offender on this point.

@Gargron I don't have to scroll a website, it will open next article automatically. I'm watching you Mashable :blobugh:

@ramdziana @Gargron beberapa situs lokal juga pernah liat yg kaya begini nih, nama tekniknya apa ya ini om?

@se7entime kurang tahu nama tekniknya, gak rajin juga ngikutin perkembangan teknis-teknis web kayak gitu

@Gargron I feel like urls should be used minimally and webapps should be as flat as possible to navigate around. Just like a mobile app, maybe just route them to where they left off in some circumstances, but urls often just increase complexity for little gain. Great for things outside the scope of the SPA

@lif That's not a good take lol I want to be able to link to content. SPAs are only good for private applications e.g. webmail, chat

@Gargron Right, I'm just saying keeping them around for server-side apps, but don't sweat it on single-page apps. I feel like mastodon app is pretty light on the URL binding

@lif You say that but everything that you "open" does have a URL you can link to

@Gargron :o... Ok.. I'm starting to feel like using a standard bundler and a bunch of packages is pretty much inevitable if you want to be productive =/. I wish I could rely more heavily on just the standard library and write from scratch.

@Gargron Another consequence is, it makes it way harder to reach the bottom links of a webpage!

@Gargron dark pattern to increase the pageviews and that sweet sweet advertising money