Oh those "expiring e-mails" in GMail even require Google login to view as webpage? Wow, fuck that shit. That's too obvious

@Gargron I was told protonmail has been doing this since forever.. idk .. if maintaining an E-Mail, Calendar and whatnot server with proper spam-filtering was that easy, I would switch in a blink of an eye, but GMail for Business just works so damn reliably and the whole suite is so good :(

@walialu I'm on Fastmail it's really good. Better than GMail imo

@Gargron @walialu Love fastmail. It's one of those things that just work (plus no tracking)

@Gargron @walialu was considering switching to Fastmail recently but havent quite made the jump.

It feels like google had an opportunity here to push better webmail encryption standards and ease-of-use for something like PGP, and instead fell right on their face and did email encryption how Microsoft does. I'd like to see a blog post on their reasoning in this case, if one's been posted.

Now, both Micro$oft and G👀gle use cases for this type of email protection do work in corporate and business environments, but is very much in their own interested when it comes to home users.

@Gargron I can understand Google sending links in their eMails like ProtonMail does, but requiring a login? No way.

Afterall eMail does require extension, not for self-destructing eMails (that security is akin to DRM and can't properly make it's way into standards) but for real security. But then again, the links should be a fallback implementation and not the main one.

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