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Eugen @Gargron

Apparently Instagram is adding a data export feature for GDPR-compliance... So if you're building an Instagram-esque ActivityPub platform, there might be some value in adding an import function :thounking:

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@Gargron Provided that the exports aren't just HTML pages with no parseable elements.

@deadsuperhero @Gargron I once wrote a parser for Facebook's export format, because some guy on a channel (he isn't there anymore, sadly) wanted to import it into WordPress; the scraping wasn't that hard, actually

@deadsuperhero @Gargron As far as I understand GDPR: they must provide both a human readable and a machine readable version, because importing is an explicit goal.

Interesting since all the existing Instagram export apps are broken due to incompatible APi changes.

@Gargron #GDPR strikes again! I can honestly say I've never been more happy about a piece of EU legislation! ^_^

@Gargamel BTW, maybe someone should have a look at what steps a Mastodon instance would have to take to be GDPR-compliant?
Maybe very soon?

@toromino @Gargron @dansup where can we stay informed about this project?