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Eugen @Gargron

Hey Greek folks, Mastodon isn't currently translated into Greek at all, but it could be! We have a Weblate, which is a website where you can submit translations:

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Ummm okay yes maybe don't open it all at once, that Weblate lives on a rather cheap box that's not meant for a lot of traffic lol

@Gargron I'll keep on making PR then ^^ Monday I'll catch up, I'm a bit late.

@Gargron δεν πειράζει Γιουτζίν κάνε δουλειά σου. Καλά είμαστε εμεις κι έτσι, οι άλλοι να κλαίνε 😂

@Gargron weird
Diese Website ist nicht erreichbar
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@Gargron Nice! Will start on a Welsh translation.

@Gargron Tired of creating accounts on every Weblate instance. Wish Weblate supported ActivityPub and became federated too.

It has OAuth2 logins but they're all logins of big corporations like Google and Github.