For whatever reason Chrome 78 (Canary) decided to make all placeholder text dark, despite `color: ` on the inputs

What the fuck, Google

Worked on improving the "about" page, with an automatically generated table of contents, better styles for headings and other elements, and integrating the "public domain blocks" (by @Thib) feature into it instead of a separate page

How about automatic table of contents generation for Mastodon's about pages?

I made this in August 2017 and then never finished it

For another test of the new audio player in the web interface, which you can see only on at this time, here is one of the notification sound ideas @jk sent me back in 2017

It's missing a play button, but is there something to this approach..?

Worked on a way for mods to include relevant toots in the e-mail notifications about moderator actions

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