Surely it would be easy for the developer of to distance himself from this random troll and have a moment of introspection about how good of an idea open world disposable servers are,,

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I was accused of "fearmongering about abuse that doesn't exist" because apparently conceptually, the precedent of disposable e-mail providers is not enough. Well, here's how I learned about this tool!

(Screenshot contains racial slurs, antisemitism, nazi imagery)

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I made french toast successfully, but too much of it. It probably won't be a regular thing for me.

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Next version of Mastodon will allow managing IP blocks from the admin interface

Can someone fix Mastodon's Wikipedia page using an outdated mascot image? It's a cute picture that I commissioned from a friend but it hasn't been canonical for a very long time now

In the next version of Mastodon, you’ll be able to continue watching or listening as you scroll away from a post

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