Language selection is now available in the Mastodon web app. Make sure your posts are seen by people who understand them!

Supports quickly finding the right language with fuzzy search and remembers your most frequently selected languages.

There's an uptick of sign-ups on larger than on the day Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares (that's the other peak). I suspect similar graphs across the entire Mastodon network (at least I hope so!)

Appealing moderation decisions against your account without having to go directly over e-mail will be possible soon

's first annual report! Read about our financials, accomplishments, and plans. Available under:

This has been a lot of work and it's still not finished, but I at least have the layout figured out now so I want to share my progress.

It's a redesign of the report screen in the moderation interface, including many small and medium changes to how things work, too many to describe here.

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