Believe I might have solved the open files limit issue in the request pooling patch. Now giving it another go in production

I think MP3 issues should also be resolved by accepting both audio/mpeg and audio/mp3

Think I've got a fix for audio-only WebM and OGG files not being accepted correctly!

Working on releasing another small patch release soon

However, if you strip usernames from the checked text, the spammer could write messages using usernames...

E-mail deals with spam using Bayesian filters or machine learning. The more training data there is, the more accurate the results, a monolith like GMail benefits from this greatly. Mastodon's decentralization means everyone has separate training data, and starts from scratch, which means high inaccuracy. It also means someone spamming a username could potentially lead to any mention of that username be considered spam due to the low overall volume of data, unless you strip usernames

Defining an account as suspicious when it has no local followers can be circumvented by just pre-following them, using account age can be circumvented with sleeper accounts, blacklisting URLs does nothing when the spam does not include URLs, checking for duplicate messages sent to different recipients can be circumvented by randomizing parts of the message...

Honestly, whoever has an idea for a spam detection measure for Mastodon, and by that I do mean an implementation, get in touch with me, I'll pay for it.

I've been thinking about solutions for the past few days but the more I think about them the more they appear pointless.

I'm afraid that a moderation API alone would not be enough of a measure against spammers. It presumes that automod applications will be developed, that admins will know about them, and that admins will set them up. Which would require self-hosting because automod-as-a-service would have awful privacy implications.

That's a shame though because experimentation over a moderation API would be more effective than a centrally designed upstream solution.

What mod tools could you develop with these APIs? Which could you not because a crucial part is missing? Let me know

Mastodon is now on the translation platform Crowdin. So far it seems like a much better interface for translating

You can help by either submitting translations or proofreading existing ones!

The split of the preferences page into "appearance" and "other" and re-organization of some elements

Working on extracting appearance-related preferences into its own screen. Thoughts on this organization?

So in regards to the layout default switch, I do think it would be bad to switch the default on people who are already using Mastodon. However, maybe some of the people who have previously used Mastodon no longer do so due to the interface, so the switch could help with those (if they ever re-visit).

How about switching the default only for those who have not been active for more than a month?

This is what the mobile layout looks like when viewed on a large screen.

I'm not entirely happy with how hard the "write new toot" function is to find

I can finally make it so you can activate the mobile layout at will but don't know where to put the toggle

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