I'm trying out a script by @tateisu that deletes unreferenced remote toots from the Mastodon database. Seems to amount to about 10-11% of all toots for both of us. On one hand, it's great that there is so little junk, on the other hand, cleaning up such a small number is disappointingly not a game changer.

The plan is to backport some of the fixes from the master branch into a 2.7.2 release to get the small bugs out of the way quickly

After many people asked Keybase to support Mastodon profiles, Keybase has designed an API to allow more platforms on their service, and prepared a demo patch for how it could work with Mastodon.

To avoid a conflict of interest, I have asked Keybase to stop their Patreon pledge to Mastodon, refunded all of their pledges so far (the $200/mo for your logo on joinmastodon.org tier), and removed their logo from joinmastodon.org

Looking into whether it's possible to replace babel with swc to improve the speed of webpack compilations. swc is written in and claims to be 16x faster. It's not a simple drop-in, sadly, because swc is missing some features we use via babel plugins, but the dev said they're interested in getting it to work

I hope featured profile hashtags will spark joy. Merged into master

Damn, the high-contrast theme had like, no contrast at all between text and links in toots

I wanted to find out if using as a storage backend would give file deduplication "for free", but unfortunately it looks like ImageMagick operations on the same input file are not deterministic, so you still end up with different hashes when the same file is uploaded more than once.

Question: Do y'all want the compose column to be sticky when you scroll horizontally? There's this submission:


Some adjustments will be needed, I think, in terms of sizes and margins. And show more doesn't work properly. But here is a demo:


Public hashtag page, but with a masonry layout. Thoughts?

Here is the PR for the new domains overview. Feedback from admins appreciated


Working on uniting the "known instances" and "domain blocks" pages in the admin UI into one

Honestly, how would you even design a user-level cron? I.e. if you have users scheduling things, but you can't run a real cron for each user separately. If you don't query the schedule every few seconds (expensive) you won't have precision. Sidekiq allows scheduling things with precision, but you don't want to fill it up as it's RAM-bound. Currently veering towards a daily cron that puts stuff into Sidekiq for that day only...

I can't wait until I can begin removing OStatus-related code from Mastodon. I think GNU social is the last remaining fediverse project that hasn't yet switched to ActivityPub?

Something something follower migration work in progress, lengthy thoughts about traffic implications and risks


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