@bea alright, i'll probably update m.s. soon anyway

@bea the accounts table had a lot of columns including large bodies of text and you got updates on it every time someone posted a status, so that's a lot of copying and dead tuples, that now should no longer be there

@bea no, maybe netdata. you'd be looking at cpu usage and disk writes

Me after people take my joke about a popular youtuber phrase as a literal call to action: :pika:

Sometimes I wonder if the word "boost" is just too alien, like if you're telling someone outside of Mastodon that you're boosting something, what do they think you're talking about. It was "reblog" originally. Oh well

me: i guess if you have enough followers, no matter what you post, there’s always ONE person who tells you there’s something wrong with what you said

one person: β€œif you have enough followers”???? jeez what a fuckin humblebrag, you asshole

@rodti "I have nipples, Greg. Are you going to milk me?"

I’ve just read the Wikipedia article on β€˜pig milk’ and not sure how I feel about it.

"Has your voice changed?"
"You often ask me for advice, so I am adjusting my voice to be closer to your idea of a trustworthy authority."
"There is a risk you will find it awkward to give me orders when I sound like this. Do you?"
"I see."

@CobaltVelvet @bea @wxcafe @dashie @Thib Anyway I just assume anyone who blocks me has a pea sized brain and a terrible taste in music, and suggest you do the same

@bea @CobaltVelvet @wxcafe @dashie @Thib People, you're not supposed to look at how many people blocked you, damn. Now I'm curious

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