When you're scrolled down, new items at the top are now hidden behind "x new items" (regardless of "slow mode" setting). The benefit is less scrolling glitches.

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@hckme4 It's confirmed on Windows and macOS, but whatever, I already fixed it by defining placeholder text color explicitly in Mastodon's CSS.

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Listening to ghost by the devin townsend project with @dirt and @Gargron with a hashtag and everything thats fun #ghostDTP

mastodon.social is updated. New UI for the DMs column, better security around 2FA settings, and a lot of fixes

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Thanks @Gargron for the insane amount of work you put into the "trending" feature! I'm getting to enjoy because of it ❤️

If you would like to make sure that Mastodon 3.0 is translated in your language, check out our Crowdin:


@Picklemaddierix Voted for Matt because have you seen those muscles? The other two have no chance

@dpwiz It's difficult to enforce, and it'll only making creating the changelog more confusing if only I do it

@Mainebot I know that. I name all my PRs in a way that they could be included in the changelog verbatim, thereby saving myself a lot of future work. Unfortunately, other developers don't, and I do not enforce it.

@Mainebot No, it's a dreadful task. It's a piece of work you have to do after you've finished work.

@heluecht Do you squash PRs into master? Our 451 commits are 451 separate pull requests

@Mainebot Tried it once, was not happy with the result or how long it took. Sorting commit messages requires knowledge about the code base. Turning commit messages into something that an end-user would care about requires some effort as well. As much as I hate doing it I do it faster than anyone else.

Good luck to me turning that into a changelog

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