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Festive Eugen @Gargron@mastodon.social

upgrade to v2.1.0 => success

Thanks @Gargron and all the contributors who worked on this, I especially like the invitations feature, lets you more easily build a specialist community, something I may do in the future.

For me, owning your own content is the the ideal. That is the goal I'm trying to get to across the board. But I'm a web nerd that has spent considerable time researching and gaining the skills to do this on my own.

For people that aren't as engrossed in the web as I am, this is still a new idea. There are so many services that people use on the day to day, that the idea of not using them in favor of something else can be pretty scary.

I need to work on my patience with that.

I have to remember the idea of decentralized social media is an entirely new concept for a lot of people. It was easy for me to wrap my head around because I'm thinking about internet stuff all the time, but for a lot of people, it's outside of their daily experience.

I find myself getting frustrated when I explain it to folks and they don't get it, but I gotta get over that. I gotta be patient. It's just going to take time for folks to understand the value.

tired: running mastodon on a raspberri pi
wired: running mastodon on redstone in minecraft

Ooh! #Peertube looks cool! See if the guy who does n-o-d-e.net could host on it.

I bought Northgard because I wanted something that reminded me of WC3 in aesthetics but a city builder, but the whole tile and victories thing makes it more like Civ with much more boring tech trees

Banished is not a very... good looking game. Nor does it feel quite right... (I played 9h of it total)

@SerCom_KC I didn't merge it because it changes zh into some specific version of zh which means anyone with any different version of zh in their browser will start getting english instead of any version of zh