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@mike you are already cute, so halfway there

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@aNTiGRaViTYFieLD yes (but only for

@youfailme @PresGas @Stephen_Stone I have never seen any but being used tbh. I like the brevity of it.

@TheKinrar @lanodan @Technowix In redis it takes just one command to turn one server into a replica of another from scratch

In postgres you need to manually copy over the entire cluster directory somehow

@TheKinrar @lanodan @Technowix There's two modes of threats to backup against:

a) Hardware/software failure
b) Accidental SQL modifications

If you care about a), you can do streaming replication to another Postgres server, so you get a near-real-time backup. However, if a wrong DELETE or UPDATE happens (b), it doesn't help

That's what periodic DB dumps help with

Streaming replication is kinda hard to setup tho, a bit of an arcane area of Postgres imo

@Hascobe I use the website pinned to homescreen via Chrome on my Android phone.

@Technowix @TheKinrar If you don't have backups I'll come to personally haunt you as a ghost

(For new people: stands for "now playing" and if you click that hashtag you see what music people on Mastodon are listening to)

@pettter @lxoliva Yeah but there's a thing like going too far. I can see the point in moving the fonts from to a local folder, but saying no to webfonts altogether in 2018? Give me a break

@lxoliva You kinda have an issue with the whole internet then tbh because webfonts are everywhere.

@Hascobe @angristan @Chocobozzz Yo, on Mastodon, you get a thumbnail preview and a "play" button. Only upon clicking the "play" button any content is loaded from the original server. So when you click on it, without autoplay, you see a 2nd "play" button, this time from the original server. That's why autoplay is useful in this case. To skip the second button. Discord and Twitter also do this.

@rbe_expert Good question. It's a pinned message in the patron/developer Discord, and it exists throughout my Patreon blog posts, but I never came around to making a dedicated public page for it, sorry

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Downloaded archive of all FB activity from 2007-now. Surprised to see SMS and voice logs! Massive metadata. Fuck this. Script is now wiping all FB posts older than 90 days.

@Technowix @TheKinrar @slipstream @marsxyz Oh yeah, that suggestion is kind of workable. But we won't be able to use the translated subtitles that people submitted through YouTube, and hosting costs might be an issue (cloudflare doesn't do video, and your bunnycdn isn't free afaik)

@Technowix @TheKinrar @slipstream @marsxyz Okay, so I think the thing here is... If it was a peertube embed, anybody could keep the page open and with some JS magic (or wireshark) know exactly which IP addresses (so how many people and where from) are visiting So it's like analytics for everybody instead of analytics just for google. I think that is more dangerous in this case.

@angristan suggestion for @Chocobozzz - embeds should accept an autoplay=true query param because that's what youtube, vimeo, twitch etc do and it would make the click to embed work better