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If your IT department has a locker where network interface cards are kept then that's a nic cage send toot

Dear Universe: if the only thing youโ€™ve got against Signal is the use of phone numbers, just install Wire. This isnโ€™t cold fusion, people.

How an SMS phishing attack works.
This victim gave up the code for their own bank account.

Seems like this setup can spike up to 27,000 RPM without issues. That's from what I'm seeing. No clue what the maximum capacity is until it's needed.


I wrote a post on the first 50 days of Switter from my perspective and my real identity, and cover FOSTA/SESTA, the stress of running Switter, getting kicked off Cloudflare and the DDOS attack we got hit by last week.

I finally wrote a Patreon post with updates since the last time I wrote one ๐Ÿ‘€

I just watched TesseracT's official music video for the song Singularity and wtf, lmao. Won't link it here

I think I periodically forget and rediscover that @revenant has an amazing cat. She's so cute!!!

It has a uniquely crispy sound. Like damn. I wish more bands had guitars like that. Good vocals too. Good meters.

Me listening to TesseracT for the first time: This doesn't sound bad but it's so unfamiliar, is this really good?

Me now: How can someone listen to TesseracT and not like it. Wtf.

Folks it's important to remember to call sleep() often in your code. Computers get sleepy too. Your programs will thank you for it.

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