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.@matt's federated blog service is on HN, that's an upvote from me

Anyway I'm not just messing around, I prepared a federation relay patch, I deployed a relay server, and some Mastodon servers are trying it out

The Mastodon shirt is beautiful. So full of hope.

Also, my Mastodon shirt is heeeere and it smells like vinegar! (printing process, I have a lot of shirts that came with that smell lol)


I've deployed a relay server... And wrote a WIP patch so Mastodon can connect to it... Next step is trying it out somehow

This was a commission for @catherineese of his character Burdoc, from his webcomic, Altar of Pine (read it at & be aware that it is NSFW). This one was so much fun to do!

Am very tired boy because i got woken up super early today

So the Russian viewers are booing the player who spoke out in support of the Ukraine?

who would win:
- twelve years of programming experience
- one defective cabley boi

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