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@cwebber @puckipedia i wonder if public key should really be updated every time the resource is fetched

also i haven't got the logic for resolving it by URI if it's not an embedded object yet

also you're missing icon/image (avatar/header) and i wonder how complex of a structure i have to support there, it could be a string, an object, an array of strings, or an array of objects technically

@cwebber i'm on linux and i forgot the irc server

@puckipedia okay, maybe it's just the server returns 502 right now

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*me, after turning into a dog, not really used to it yet, still tryna work shit out*





@cwebber oh, there is no webfinger..? D:

@toddsundsted you should have said "two problems" for extra joke

@cwebber hey do you know puck's URI? would like to test my account resolving code

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I wanted to fool around and play games today but none of my friends are online so I guess I have no choice but to work uwu

@emelie apparently mastodon (the band) was in it too, though they're kinda unrecognizable, i had to google this picture

@emelie oh my god how many goddamn musicians are they gonna stick in there

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