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@Spex you seem to be in an educated bubble

@Spex "think of the children!" + war on terrorism

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@Gargron This is actually a quite nice initiative:

I can't vote here, not having any intention of becoming a British national, but I hope many will vote out the Tories. At least if they won't have a large majority in parliament there will be a limit on the damages they will do.

On the vote rights, it would be nice if they allowed permanent resident that paid taxes for at least 5 years to vote.

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@Gargron The media have successfully framed a vote for Labour as a vote for Corbyn. The division that creates is entirely intentional, and wrong - a party is more than one person.

"Therese May to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government"

vote πŸ‘
the tories πŸ‘

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I am not by any means a fan of Corbyn but Tories are even worse. Gonna defer to Lex here

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@deadsuperhero @tekk It's kind of totally up to you but you can look into Mastodon code for inspiration? Like you'll want something to represent feeds, and entries on those feeds, at least

@deadsuperhero @lnxw48a1 @tekk Gem docs alone won't tell you how to hook all of these things up together, sadly, you need to understand the OStatus spec first

New video by Nerdwriter - Listening To Blade Runner

As my friend put it, "Why have Muse re-recorded Madness and told everyone it's a new song?"

@walfie @unarist This PR actually contains everything I wanted to know. They went for a little bit more boilerplate, no easy solutions I see

@walfie @unarist where did you cherry-pick from? is the fork public?