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@Gargron This is actually a quite nice initiative:

I can't vote here, not having any intention of becoming a British national, but I hope many will vote out the Tories. At least if they won't have a large majority in parliament there will be a limit on the damages they will do.

On the vote rights, it would be nice if they allowed permanent resident that paid taxes for at least 5 years to vote.

"Therese May to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government"

vote πŸ‘
the tories πŸ‘

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I am not by any means a fan of Corbyn but Tories are even worse. Gonna defer to Lex here

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New video by Nerdwriter - Listening To Blade Runner

As my friend put it, "Why have Muse re-recorded Madness and told everyone it's a new song?"

I've become such a fanboy of a particular artist, but I don't want to let them on just how much. Only check birdsite for their content...

The personal domain blocks PR is finally ready for review by other contributors 😩

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Woot! I received my laptop. But turns out Americans use those weird plugs that I thought only British people used. Whoops.

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@Gargron is there a list of articles about Mastodon somewhere? I couldn't find it, and it would be useful. Maybe a hashtag and boost bot? ( ?)

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Somehow my phone messed this image up, but it only makes it look a lot cooler