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Single point of failure πŸŽƒ

Hi lots of new people! Welcome to Mastodon!

I hope that today, the boycott day, sends more folks to mastodon, and we can start The Great Migration here to a decentralized network.


Im just glad i havent seen any TERFs here. Please dont tell them about mastodon. Let them rot on twitter.

the wayback machine is sometimes a little slow but i dont mind, since every time your request hits the server someones gotta run down the hall and grab a tape

a revolutionary new FPGA where every logic element has its own IP address

Inktober x 31 Witches | 11. Solar Witch

I hoped the gold ink would be more visible, but it’s almost the same as the sepia ink. Hoped to get a more warm and sunny feel from it. Ah well.. :-/

#inktober #31witches #ink #art #drawing

the python repl knows i want to quit so why doesn't it


😸 πŸƒ 🎼

Every time I log into the birdsite i see something within the first 10s that reminds me why I'm trying to quit it.

Who's here from #pdx #portlandia ?

Are there other trans guys in tech around? Or queers in tech in general? Or allies?

Who all is on here from the #python community? I'm giving a talk at PyCascades this January about micropython.

I'm also really into #hiking #camping and the #outdoors in general.

Say hello! Please πŸ™‚πŸ