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Festive Eugen @Gargron@mastodon.social

Steamed Hams but each new line of dialogue triggers every one that came before it youtube.com/watch?v=GrFV6V5DVw via @Nigma

The birdsite account for Mastodon is MastodonProject. Tag it if you need to

I was made aware of over on birdsite by @paulfree14. Perhaps today some of you who still have 🐦 accounts can chime in to the hashtag with your experiences on 🐘

It turns out that the polar ice caps are melting because Santa's elves are running a 500-megawatt bitcoin mining rig

everybody loves bitcoin, the badly designed cryptocurrency that sucks

[1.5 years later] we regret to inform you that it somehow sucks even more now mastodon.social/media/QfVQ8a_n

I guess it’s chilly in here

anyways what I'm saying is, writing objectively bad code is a lot of fun. write more bad code.

It's funny that the GitHub organization for Mastodon is called "tootsuite", because I read it like "tout de suite" which means "right now" in French

Weblate for Mastodon translators: weblate.joinmastodon.org/

Unfortunately it won't submit stuff to GitHub as pull requests automatically, but I'll do it manually

I sent a customer support request to Patreon asking them to reconsider the change. I suggest you do the same if you care.

Mario Odyssey knows what chord is playing on the soundtrack and uses that info when playing musical sound effects.