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It's clear we need a button to reveal all CW'd text in a thread but it's not clear to me where to put such a button

While browsing most popular GitHub issues found quite a few duplicates of ones I already resolved. There's a lot of cleaning up to do there...

You know, it kinda bugs me how grey this page is. But I don't know what to do with it

One of my DigitalOcean droplets is completely borked and no response from support for 2+ hours, fuck

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I'm feeling sick now 'cause I overstressed about this problem. Fun fun.

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Hey I found a gaming meme in favour of decentralization

By the way, disabling 2FA with backup codes should be possible? It's in the code. Whoever @ me about it

No, that was a wrong lead. It just seems to be drift. Default drift is 30 seconds. Increasing it to 60 seconds allowed me to login every time, in my development environment.

Okay, if I disable 2FA, then enable 2FA, it stops working. Under unknown to me yet conditions it can start working again, and can be reset into not working by disabling and re-enabling 2FA. Hm

Never mind, I can't reproduce this problem in development at all now?

Extra confusion: using the `validate_and_consume_otp!` method works fine. Wut

At the very least I can reproduce this on my development environment, so whatever the problem is, it's universal. (Send help)

Apparently this started happening ~week ago and affects other servers too, including ones that don't run 2.2.0 yet, so it shouldn't be a regression. Maybe a sleeper bug? :thaenkin:

I can confirm my 2FA codes don't work either. Wtf?

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Hello! I'm Jessica, a concept artist who love colours and composition. I hope my pieces make you want to explore! #VisibleWomen