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@gargron Mind spreading the word about Broad Universe (

They're a volunteer-run non-profit org dedicated to promoting women authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

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If you're interested in helping me out, you can:

- Donate to me via Paypal!
- Donate to me monthly on Patreon!
- Send me hardware to reverse engineer! I'm always interested in working on new stuff!

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hi it's #InternationalWomensDay apparently, so let's talk about all the cool stuff we do as women!!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm ash, a cybre programmer robogirl with way too many dreams and not enough money. I reverse engineer protocols, I guess? I've been working on reverse engineering device drivers and protocols in order to create open source, cross platform software for them.

Current projects include: Logitech G933, Roccat Tyon and Ryos MK FX, as well as working on #yotredash!

If you want me to share a shoutout to a friend of yours, that's fine too!

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@gdkar burger has good ui
hands go anywhere
face goes anywhere

Also today is , so you can @ me if you want me to boost your work or Patreon or whatever

I'm finding it difficult to have to wait a couple days for the final 2.3.0 release. Really wanna see these improvements out in the wild 😩

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I’m so happy I took the challenge of learning the basics of server administration years ago.

Being able to control your presence online is the future. Yeah it’s a bit more work, but nothing beats being able to build/host your own services.

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in awe at the size of this game engine. absolute Unity

Throw ready player one into mount doom 👏

Okay, I'm going to take a break, no more bugfixes from me. But I'll keep merging them if people submit them. We also need a set date for when to release 2.3.0 final. Would 2 days be enough? It's already been 6 days since rc1 came out.

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Mon chat est complètement stun . Qu'est-ce que vous lui avez fait?

Aaaaaaand it's time for v2.3.0rc3, third release candidate:

Entirely about fixes and translations

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Shoutout to @Gargron, whose job is to be disagreed with about everything he works hardest on while typing green fixed width text onto a black background very fast, and then when it's done everyone goes "oh yeh that's pretty good ackshully"

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Today's International Women's Day.
-sharing a blogpost I wrote two years ago- for international girls day

with a story 'the daughter who stood up to the sea god'

Okay, is everyone gonna have an issue with this, or what?

When registrations are closed, I renamed the button below the "registrations closed" message from "find another instance" to "sign up" which still leads to

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