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Heyo, I'm GateKept, and I'll probably sometimes post art and/or doodles, and maybe talk with folks.
So... Yeah.


You ever wanna just sit on a couch with some friends and a blanket and just, y'know, be?

Y'all deserve good things to happen to you today.

Sunday by myself is a /slight/ let-down after getting to spend so much time with folks the other nights of the weekend.

Sometimes, what you really need is just one really good weekend, and friends to spend time with.

Indicating on your profile if you're and adult or a minor is a Good Idea, that can help prevent Bad Problems.

If I get the resources at some point, I'll be sorely tempted to make an instance for me and friends.

Aaaand now I'm on three Mastodon instances. I'm gonna keep this as my primary for now, but I'm also @GateKept, if anyone's interested.

...I don't know what Finlay is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

little known fact: the mastodon is a species of migratory bird that forages for berries to survive the harsh winter

If any of my mutuals decide to move their primary mastodon account, I'd appreciate a refollow so I can do the same, and continue basking in your positivity and/or memes!

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