Me: man, finals week has been killing me. Let's see what's going on on mastodon

Y'all: B E R R I E S


When you realize that Article 13 will ban the entire Nightcore genre

Right now I'm just waiting for Wendy's Denny's or really Any other corporate entity to make an account here and be vastly overwhelmed

I don't know what clout is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

You know it's finals week cuz alot of people are just... Giving each other hugs with dead looks in their eyes.

People out here already at 200 followers and I haven't even reached the sex number

Hotel Mario

Luigi's Mansion

Waluigi's apartment

Which leaves us with:

Motel wario


Wario cardboard box

People always talking about trying to eat a lightbulb.

Ain't no one talking about pushing unbent Staples between your teeth with your tongue.

If you do it right you can't pull it out and can't open your mouth

:33< HEWWO EVERYBODY today ive decided to make my validpost in pictorial format..... CLICK THE IMAGE FOR INSTANT WARM HUGS !!!

On Sundays Skyrim legally has to change its soundtrack to Fingers in His Ass.

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