@letthewatersroar@toot.cafe There's actually two different things here. You're just talking about the voter list. And all candidates can have access to that if they sign a privacy agreement etc. It's only fair, can't give one person (incumbent it, and not the others). The second thing, is who on that list has actually cast a ballot. That's what I found shocking.


@davewoodx all available here also. Good motivation to vote early and stop the calls ;)

@davewoodx it's very helpful to small independent campaigns with limited funds/resources so they can focus resources.

there is a short delay between voting and list update in some counties here. Not sure how long.

@GeekAndDad Yeah the reason makes sense, just still feels weird. It's weird that I've talked to people for 30+ minutes at their door about issues, and then they don't even spend the 5 minutes it takes to vote so I can deal with those issues. Or when someone tells me they voted already, when I can see they haven't....

@GeekAndDad Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear how others feel about it.... :)

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