Modi claimed "We defeated Covid without vaccines"

In January 2021 myopic Modi had already declared premature victory over Covid.

He turned a deliberate blind eye to all warnings about the 2nd wave, &failed to order vaccines for Indians.

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Who is responsible for the failed vaccination policy?

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Why is India, one of the world's biggest vaccine manufacturers, now begging for vaccines for Indians?

Why do "free" vaccines have hefty price tags in private hospitals?

Why are the poor & underprivileged being excluded, by mandatory online registration?


First Modi claimed premature victory over Covid in Jan 2021 saying India defeated Covid without vaccines

For 1 year no preparations were done, leading to a massive death toll in the deadly 2nd wave

Then they were back to denials & fudging Covid death numbers.


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Indians will never forget the painful ordeal of having to beg for oxygen for their dying loved ones.

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We lost our brothers & sisters due to this govt's incompetence, we will never forget.

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Why has the Govt used data primarily as a propaganda tool rather than using it how its meant to be used, to stop the spread of covid..; Smt @priyankagandhivadra@twitter.com

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In the 1 year between the 1st & 2nd Covid waves, the availability of ICU beds, Oxygen beds and Ventilator beds actually decreasedπŸ”»
Unbelievable, but true under Modi, who grandly claimed we had defeated Covid by January 2021.


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When people were dying on streets... Hospitals were running short of Beds, Oxygen Cylinders


Only one person is responsible for this Massacre & that is - PM of India....who ran away from his responsibilities & left behind millions to die !!

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Health Minister of India is just a toy,
Who peels peapods as house boy!
Home Minister seems to be International Don,
And Prime Minister is merely a fashion icon !!
ΰ€€ΰ₯‹ ΰ€¬ΰ€€ΰ€²ΰ€Ύΰ€‡ΰ€―ΰ₯‡

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@ANI@twitter.com Pass percentage of Class X in Govt schools fell from 99.46% to 82.61%

2013: 99.46%
2014: 98.81%
2015: 95.81%
2016: 89.25%
2017: 92.44%
2018: 68.90%
2019: 71.97%
2020: 82.61%

@msisodia@twitter.com is this your education revolution?

2013-18 Source: Delhi Edu Dept(edudel.nic.in/Result_Analysis/)

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The PM-in-waiting monk who wants to be the tinpot despot of Bharat.

Poor Gareeb Fake-eer bought shiny new luxury planes for 8000 Crores of taxpayer money, but sadly has no invitations & nowhere to go.

Previous PMs like DrMMS who actually worked hard (& faced the press) managed very well with Air India planes.

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@RahulGandhi@twitter.com Fake Gareeb Fakeer buys luxury planes for Rs1 Billion, though he has no money to pay states their GST compensation /cash aid to the poor to revive demand

Previous PMs like DrMMS who actually worked hard, delivered growth & faced the press, managed very well with Air India planes

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If @CNNNews18@twitter.com feels that opposition parties wanting to dislodge the ruling party is a matter of concern, then they should also start an educational series about how elections are a threat to democracy.

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Joined the protest against BJP's current Tax-Loot on fuel prices in Dharwad, Karnataka.

I call upon Prime Minister Modi to return 'Bure Din' to all Indians.

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This cartoon is epic,telling exact 'STREANH' of 56 inch chest.
From Nehru ji's assertion 'Don't spare me' to Cartoonist Shankar India reached to autocratic oppressor who compelled Manjula to be suspended.

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