Maintenance and format time. What's it gonna be?

I used redhat before its ipo. Long ago I had my fill of rh, rhel (years) and even centos. Too much of their own rh 'stuff'. Suse, I haven't used in a very long time, so I don't know. I am using debian on new servers and ubuntu on old. On the desktop, anything may be made to work really - I just like having kde. KDE Neon updates too often and break things, but I haven't chosen again. Prior to that my own pc was mint for years.

@Gemlog KDE is the primary desktop of SUSE. I had become pretty comfortable with Gnome 40, however. It works really well with a second monitor by not treating it like an extension of one workspace

KDE used to have Normal multiple desktops, then some trackstar came up with the idea of 'activities' which are useless duplication and damn confusing.
You can add an 'activity pager' to your task bar and simply have, say, 4 'activities', each with its own wallpaper(s). I keep four, but also have different wallpaper on each monitor. These days I use wallpaper for things like maps and cheatsheets or cronjob screen captures of websites.
Main love of kde are the KIO-Slaves.

@Gemlog can one monitor be an activity with 4 workspaces independent from another monitor that is an activity with 1 workspace? What's a KIO slave?


I don't know - and I can't play just now as my pc is down (ps dead). I imagine one could make two desktops and then have 4 activities on one of the desktops? Or something like it. KDE is flexible as heck - that may be a bug in some ppl's minds. Also checkout the monitor setup section for other combinations. One could also xnest another login. Or even put a vm on the other monitor. Or... IDK. Spitballing as I haven't had the need.
Yet... :-)

@Gemlog Fair. For all my time fiddling with KDE I could never figure out how to get it to leave my second monitor alone when I switched workspaces on the primary. There are other things in KDE that made me eyeball Gnome again. The main one was craving a simple consistent workspace

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