Your recent post on the energy needed to erase reminded me of this. Spoiler: about 4 grams each!

What's the carbon footprint of an email?

A long list of seemingly harmless everyday actions contribute to emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other climate-altering greenhouse gases.

@Gemlog Watching TV is indeed very bad, and that is not even taking into account the emissions from producing the TVs. I was going to write a short post about that but I was worried that it is would be a very unpopular message.

@Gemlog Perspective is important: every day, every person produces about 1 kg of CO2 just by breathing.

s a lot of emails I'd have to cut back on. I wonder what a masto post costs? :-)

@Gemlog I intend to find out in detail, but as a ballpark figure probably very similar to sending an email.

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