Trudeau says no point voting green/ndp because our democracy doesn't work, so just vote for me, me, m! Don't vote your concience, don't vote your heart. Vote strategically - our system is broken. AND o'toole says the same: only vote for me or throw away your vote. The heck with you both. I am voting for Jagmeet Singh, b/c I'm sick of a whole liftime of same-same from those two yo-yo parties. Would vote green, but the party self-destructed.



In practice i can't vote directly for Mr Singh, but for my local NDP candidate. The leader of the party that wins the most seats becomes Prime Minister and our system is first past the post. Parties elected under that system are loathe to change it. Cynically, none of the parties use first past the post in their own leadership conventions. Run-off elections or simply the party caucus (ndp).

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