Not only bread! So delicious looking!
Unfortunately, @piggo has not eaten in nearly a year it seems :-)

Shipping Containers Fall Overboard at Fastest Rate in Seven Years
"More than 3,000 boxes dropped into the sea last year, and more than 1,000 have fallen overboard so far in 2021."
2013 was a banner year when one lone ship took 4,293 containers to the bottom when it broke up in the Indian Ocean.

Ah, my little News RSS site...

Well, *I* knew the refresh cron didn't work, so I always just clicked fresh/new and waited bit. Sorry. I have now actually fixed it.
I run each site as its own user in nginx with no login shell, so that presents a bit of a problem for a cronjob. I think I just fixed it, but I don't know systemd very well (which we seem to be stuck with).
Anyhow, login name is 'guest' and passwd is also 'guest'.

kinda cringe-worthy, but I did have to draw every button in dpaint. It was late 80's...
the note was hidden by default, in case a customer could shoulder-surf you. clicking always started at the top with a DTS:
ready for adding a note. I was ahead of the crms in some ways really.

having too many matsutake mushrooms is a problem many people would like to have! @aolog :-)
A too strong tasting stir fry with them the other day. Then I sliced and froze some in small baggies. Now a lady drops off even MOAR!
I'm reading on pickling some and drying some. I see dried matsutake are 75$CAD online. Wow. Locally, mushroom buyers were paying 30$ for number one buttons early in the season. Dropping to 15$ later on.

Just a reminder about how this capitalist world works. In case you somehow missed it or forgot.

Obviously, not from a supermarket. There are lots more that didn't quite have sun enough to ripen. I can wait it out - the taste is worth it over the waterbombs they sell downtown!

Aisas is a 63-year-old sandwich seller from Cambodia who needs $229 to fund cataract surgery and keep working.

I don't have much money, so I like to give to Watsi to fund surgeries in countries worse off than canada, which has a universal medical system. you don't have to fund the whole thing, which is why it's good for me.

OK. I call bullshit. Someone is making coin on this. I've had covid and I've also had 2 jabs. One each of AZ and pfizer.
They used to report deaths and icu. Now it's simply 'cases'. Who gives a flying fuck how many of us are asymptomatic or have a bit of a cold?
We're done! The spanish flu only lasted ~two years with no vaccine. We've already killed off those vulnerable to this flu. Let it go already. 85% of us are vaccinated.
The common cold is also corona shaped. Covid is just another flu now.

I see some people posting famous paintings. I'm into fine art too!

I brought home a couple of large flags yesterday. This is one of them. Buddy put one about half this size into a single stir fry. Do you have any idea how strong pines are? Holy. I'm hoping some ginger will mellow it out a bit.
In fairness, the poor guy can barely taste anything at all.

"Parmish and Geet are keeping their celebrations as low-key"
Never heard of either one before, but they are now famous for irritating their neighbours with their notion of 'low-key' :-)
Well, The Times is a bit of a rag anyhow, but this also passes for 'news' on the CBC

Gitanmaax band blocks MCFD workers from taking six-year-old off reserve.

The Gitxsan are neighbours with the Wet'suwet'en whom you may know from blocking the pipeline and shutting down rail freight.

Rain. This is the month of rain in my world. It has rained and it will rain. Rain is my life.
Is it any wonder we can't wait for snow and minus ridiculous temperatures? :-)

Sometimes I set my background to match the season. I think I cribbed this one from @wim_v12e

Now we're logging! Maybe I can repair the damn apt db...


Narendra Modi: 'Why is the Indian PM's photo on my Covid vaccine certificate?'

A 62-year-old Indian wants a new Covid-19 vaccine certificate without Narendra Modi's photograph.

"Where is the corporate media's disgust for the courtesans of corporate destruction that wreak violence on Americans daily?"
Idiot gemlog failed to include the url with the not, so I searched on it.
Startpage (a proxy for goog which is an ad co.) gave me nothing but objections and accused me of 'anti-americanism' by implication!!! Well fuck :-)
Same as any critique of israel make you an anti-semite (as if most israelis are practising Jews - not).
Did it give up the article? No.

I gave my friend that historical Aztec comic book
He said his favourite comics as a kid were of the historical kind. I never read comic books. The closest I came were Rupert Bear Annuals that I got for xmas when I was little.

"Bestall developed the classic Rupert story format: the story is told in picture form, in simple page-headers, in rhyming two-line-per-image verse, and as running prose at the foot. Rupert Annuals can therefore be 'read' on four levels."

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