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.@TatumHowlett has been working at my studio, (Helioscope in Portland) She's drawing a very cool werewolf comic. Intense imagery and mood, solid compositions, bold brushwork.

(Not sure if Tatum's on Mastodon anywhere yet, but that's her twitter ID)

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Something I like about Mastodon so far: people seem to be willing to be a bit more goofy and a bit more earnest over here. IT'S NICE.

If you'd like to read DC harassment fighter Janelle Asselin's thoughts & thank her for being AWESOME, support her ! Posts go back to Dec 2015, her life and words and courage are amazing.

She's also a friend of mine, a former editor, and an all around wonderful geek.

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Some quick facts about me:
- I am a of
- I dispense dubious
- I also dispense out of my faceholes
- donuts filled with stuff or GTFO
- I run the blog
- I killed a man in Reno for his
- I hear ducks
- I ruined
- my latest book features a short treatise on
- tonight my 6-year-old said that to escape bad guys he would PEEL OFF HIS SKIN so that he LOOKED HUMAN the he'd EAT THEM holy shit what the fuck

Does anyone know how to turn off the "B-DOONK" every time Mastodon posts something onto the feed? I can't keep this window open while I work if it's going to make noise.

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10 CHARACTER MOMENT Sometimes a character has to do something prosaic. Let's say… shopping for groceries. If you've got a page of your character shopping, find a way for them to do it that tells your reader exactly who this person is.

Does she kick an apple into the cart like a hacky-sack? Does she pile the cart alarmingly high with junk food and whistle as she pushes it? Does she unknowingly knock over displays as she passes? Find a way to do it that's uniquely her.

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It seems that Mastodon is NOT a social network. It's a tool to create your OWN social network, just for you and your friends & their friends. Or literally JUST FOR YOURSELF!

Anyhoo, I'm a comic book artist. 25 years, 4 Eisner wins, NY Times bestseller (if you're in publishing you know how little THAT means), etc. Working on a creator owned book Mae which is delayed while I move publishers...

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To be clear, I'm hopeful about Mastodon. I've enjoyed being here today more than I've enjoyed being on Twitter. I just hope it doesn't become work to understand or administrate it, because I'm honestly super-lazy.

I want to not have competing @GeneHa's across other instances of Mastodon. I hope this isn't breaking the rules or the spirit of Mastodon. is my main account, here, but my complete list is:



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