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.@TatumHowlett has been working at my studio, (Helioscope in Portland) She's drawing a very cool werewolf comic. Intense imagery and mood, solid compositions, bold brushwork.

(Not sure if Tatum's on Mastodon anywhere yet, but that's her twitter ID)

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Something I like about Mastodon so far: people seem to be willing to be a bit more goofy and a bit more earnest over here. IT'S NICE.

1979 Sandy Duncan plays Peter Pan

1987 Nancy Cartwright plays Bart Simpson

2017 @nursemchurt plays Take Your Kid To Work Alvin Koto!

If you'd like to read DC harassment fighter Janelle Asselin's thoughts & thank her for being AWESOME, support her ! Posts go back to Dec 2015, her life and words and courage are amazing.

She's also a friend of mine, a former editor, and an all around wonderful geek.

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Some quick facts about me:
- I am a of
- I dispense dubious
- I also dispense out of my faceholes
- donuts filled with stuff or GTFO
- I run the blog
- I killed a man in Reno for his
- I hear ducks
- I ruined
- my latest book features a short treatise on
- tonight my 6-year-old said that to escape bad guys he would PEEL OFF HIS SKIN so that he LOOKED HUMAN the he'd EAT THEM holy shit what the fuck

@ladyvader99 Can't wait for your Instance! Is a sentence I wouldn't have understood yesterday...

Does anyone know how to turn off the "B-DOONK" every time Mastodon posts something onto the feed? I can't keep this window open while I work if it's going to make noise.

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10 CHARACTER MOMENT Sometimes a character has to do something prosaic. Let's say… shopping for groceries. If you've got a page of your character shopping, find a way for them to do it that tells your reader exactly who this person is.

Does she kick an apple into the cart like a hacky-sack? Does she pile the cart alarmingly high with junk food and whistle as she pushes it? Does she unknowingly knock over displays as she passes? Find a way to do it that's uniquely her.

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It seems that Mastodon is NOT a social network. It's a tool to create your OWN social network, just for you and your friends & their friends. Or literally JUST FOR YOURSELF!

I'm confused by Instances too. Turns out to be the @GeneHa on Mastodon(s) I had to create an account and password on EACH Instance.

So that's:

@meredithnudo @texasannie

If @ladyvader99 DOES create a Mastodon Instance, I'd love to join it!

Anyhoo, I'm a comic book artist. 25 years, 4 Eisner wins, NY Times bestseller (if you're in publishing you know how little THAT means), etc. Working on a creator owned book Mae which is delayed while I move publishers...

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To be clear, I'm hopeful about Mastodon. I've enjoyed being here today more than I've enjoyed being on Twitter. I just hope it doesn't become work to understand or administrate it, because I'm honestly super-lazy.

I want to not have competing @GeneHa's across other instances of Mastodon. I hope this isn't breaking the rules or the spirit of Mastodon. is my main account, here, but my complete list is:



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