RoosterTeeth does top tier animation alright; like this kinda blows away a LOT of other CGI shows that mimic 2D animation

wait WHAT VLC got Bluray menus working?!? HOLY HELL I did not know they'd finally gotten that feature in

Sure i need to install Java but small price to pay

*goes to make dessert for tomorrow* hmmmm; crud; forgot I'm out of butter... though I WONDER how it would turn out if I substitute rhubarb for butter in the crumble on this apple rhubarb crisp I'm making and now I want to try this

man I really really hope that Mastodon takes off to the point that the fake TV versions are named stuff like "Zach" or "Black Power Ranger"

Was gonna throw this on Twitter but given they’re trying to slaughter their platform and given toy people are shifting to Mastodon let’s put this here instead

Is anyone else's Twitter deader than usual at this time of night tonight?

I gotta imagine it's not unrelated to the API changes.

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Some asshole bluecheck crying and writing an article after the twitter purge: Millennials killed Twitter.

granted maybe that's Twitter's plan, to chase everyone left of the American right wing off the platform

like seriously they kinda catastrophically broke third party apps on purpose and it BLOWS

should really try and use this more given Twitter's trying their darnest to kill their own platform



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