I've been on both sides of "I've been on both sides of the issue".

We want the skills to misinterpret God just as much as He misinterprets us.

Well now I fave stuff without first finishing reading it.

Every year during the month of March a phyle of ragged cyborgs would set camp near the brutalist urban sprawl. With a great uproar of engines and synthetized voices they would display new gadgets and bionic augmentations. First they brought the 'locator'. A heavily modded, old brazillian cyborg with a carbon-nanotube beard and plasteel hands, who introduced himself as Melquíades, put on a public demonstration of what he himself called an old relic from Minas Gerais' military-industrial complex.

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@Child Ah, yes, I see. I think it's literal past 24 hours, so the window slides by one hour every hour.

@Child Yeah I'm trying to think of another way of explaining it. "Users per day" is a sum of 24 "users per hour" totals. The recent hours are "0". Every hour, one of the old sums that's not zero falls off, and one that is zero replaces it.

@Child Yes, ok. So every hour "users per day" should fall by the exact number of people who signed up 24 hours ago, until either the site opens up again or it falls to zero.

@Child It makes sense. Once sign-ups are halted for a full 24 hours, per-day will fall to 0.

@GenitiveOfOf I (currently) think it involves mirrors reflecting each other and the boundaries between reflections are mirrors too.

Rooted in dynamics. Preserving the ever-changing-ness.
Bringing people together - the work of doing so.
Finishing many things. (Not just starting things, not just collecting things.)

Established defences. An ageing leader, who seems not to be able to express something crucial to the new guard. Stories repeated, possibly futilely. Shift of basic symbols.

We want the skills to misinterpret God just as much as He misinterprets us.

A system of assumptions in place to keep you from questioning assumptions.

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