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There's always some loss to focus on. Any change "loses" the total uniqueness of the old situation.

What missing knowledge is this serving in place of?

A lack of theory which makes experiment or "test of time" or trial by combat necessary.

Intuitions built on non-models, on surface appearances. Single, overly-detailed views. A library big enough to justify any claim, and reading habits shallow enough.

The lazy purpose of a dog.

An enlightened person given power — dog president.

Your current location serves as your map. Your acceptance serves as your aspiration.

Nesting sites as currency.

Bacteria and bank accounts grow in darkness.

Building patience, or systems which themselves build patience.

Weighing effort instead of outcome— putting in effort directly proportional to outcome.

Honing sunflowers. Competing sunflowers. Improving tropisms. Sharing tropisms. Action, not discussion.

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