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@mulander Try to imagine those of us who can no longer drink it. 🙁

I liked working for IBM and especially the Swift for z/OS project, but the way IBM deals with their platform drives me crazy.

If you want to experience some truly Byzantine procedures, try to sign up for IBM's trail offerings on z Systems.

At least they fixed the part where they sent your password over HTTP.

A good comment on the silliness of investing in SPEC numbers.

"And noone cares about trying to settle things down and produce a compiler one can trust (because version N+1 runs 3.14% faster in the loonystones benchmark which doesn't match any real life use case). Who cares? Tomorrow's compiler will generate code which will complete an infinite loop in less than 5 seconds; stay tuned for more accomplishments!"

Cleaned my Model M keyboards after finally getting off my ass and buying a 5.5mm nut driver so I could actually disassemble them. One of the keyboards is 31 years old and had the dust buildup to prove it.

My employability has actually gone up since getting rid of my LinkedIn account.

@johnson I've tried a lot of Emacs navigation find/window enhancements and I've uninstalled them all. The basic commands, while not optimal, have proven to be more than sufficient.

TRAMP in Emacs is such a horrible hack. I mean, parsing shell output? Yikes. That's like writing build scripts that insist on interpreting error messages.

I've given up trying to make it work seamlessly and just use FUSE to mount filesystems via SSH.

Why use good 2FA when you can have 5 security questions?

Bank web technology is as up-to-date as their 2FA options.

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I've done raw memory debugging on mainframes with dbx and I will state unequivocally that I'd rather do that than try and figure out why CalDAV doesn't work.