Sélection du moment avec quelques ressources en JS, HTML, CSS, UX Design, UI Design et quelques sites inspirationnels.


Hello @Bubble_Group@twitter.com
I'm exploring Bubble tutorial to get an idea of what your tool can do.
But I'm surprised that the first step of the tutorial invite people building a form field without any label :/

Hey le concours organisé avec @tutofr@twitter.com termine vendredi prochain : creativejuiz.fr/blog/actualite
Vous avez participé ? Il y a 3 abonnements de 1 mois en illimité (pensez à dormir quand même) à gagner.

Ressources en JS, HTML, CSS, UX/UI Design et sites inspirationnels. Au programme : creuser davantage la spéc HTML5, miser sur la performance des recherches, des packs d’icônes et musiques libres de droit, et des articles et sites web inspirants.

“Position: stuck; — and a Way to Fix It” buff.ly/2GdUYNS

Good examples with a sticky table header and horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Animated 3D Mockups for your app Designs

Or how to show off with minimal effort 😄
(via @StevenLozach@twitter.com)

MiniSearch is a tiny but powerful in-memory fulltext search engine for JavaScript. It is respectful of resources, and it can comfortably run both in Node and in the browser. buff.ly/2G9Iozr

dailydevlinks. - dev links. pretty simple. curated buff.ly/2WMgqii

A list if curated dev-related resources.

“Create Advanced Adaptive Buttons Using Layers In Sketch” buff.ly/2WJzCgn

Smart trick but hard to maintain.

My Social Post Sharer WordPress plugin is the fastest regarding the @HiveWP@twitter.com analysis. 🥇🍾


As Progressive Web App user, what kind of display are you?
(FYI: developers.google.com/web/fund)

If you can tell me why I would love to know :)

Flexbox.ninja is now an installable PWA.
Pages you already visited will be stored for offline consultation. I just need to take care of offline messages and it would be perfect.

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