Have done something this summer I've never done before: goofed off.

It's been great. I heartily recommend it.

As I transition to a new phase in my life -- a return to my own art -- I've begun organizing and have rebuilt https;// ... Have a visit. Tell me what you think. @lauraritchie @tdorey @katebowles @cogdog @dogtrax

@GeoffreyGevalt I think it looks lovely. I really like the tid bits that say - and tell me what you think. So often we don't - not sure if that's cultural or just a human shyness/apprehension. I really like the invitation. -and I love the stories. I would love to do some sort of storytelling project with you one day... @tdorey @katebowles @cogdog @dogtrax


As I was looking through Geoffrey's site, I was thinking something very similar...

@GeoffreyGevalt @katebowles @cogdog @dogtrax

@tdorey @lauraritchie @katebowles @cogdog @dogtrax yes, it would be fun to do a writing/story project together. cogitate .... :)

@lauraritchie @tdorey @katebowles @cogdog @dogtrax And I with you. Let's think on a device. A friend of mine, another writer, and I are cooking up a "letters" project, something short, something that would, like , exercise skills needed for our larger work -- observation, use of detail, character creation, etc.

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