@lauraritchie @cogdog @tdorey @katebowles @dogtrax @ShorterPearson you guys still doing ? I am thinking of doing one a day for a while but it would be great to get a bunch of us doing it.

seconded here!

I think what you may have noticed is the ebb and flow here. Some people have dipped in and out as life and the seasons take them to different places, but they do seem to come back. I'll still be here, baking bread and playing cello - especially as the days draw in.

It is always good to see the smallstories pop up.
@dogtrax @GeoffreyGevalt @cogdog @tellio @tdorey @katebowles @ShorterPearson

@GeoffreyGevalt @dogtrax I’ve done more recently (but with no sustained discipline whatsoever). These “SmallFoo” are all quite active fora. There are a few such variants you might be interested to monitor.

@Algot @lauraritchie @cogdog @tdorey @katebowles @dogtrax @ShorterPearson I am... I will most likely post in a.m. East Coast USA time. I will have some continuing sagas, others random, some real, some not, some a combination. little exercises to sharpen observation and imagination.

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