Using a technique I used much as a journalist, I went to a county fair and if I saw an interesting looking person I went up to them and asked if I could take their picture. Without fail, they said yes. I took one before they were ready, one as they posed and one after they thought I was finished. At the end, I thanked them told them my name was Geoff and they told me their first name. We then wished each other well and moved on. I guess in the last analysis, it's in how you ask.

@GeoffreyGevalt Like you, a former reporter, I remember talking to so many people, asking names and chatting about things that often went beyond the interview. You learn about people. Asking strangers to take their photos at an event like a fair, with no context, in these days of global sharing is intriguing. I would have thought, more wariness. Perhaps your style of asking is the difference. I love your method of before, during and after as a way to capture human spirit in frames.

@dogtrax I think that part of it was the location — everybody there was enjoying themselves. But I do think one develops a style that is not threatening. And I do give them the option of easily saying no. The framing trick is one common to many news photographers I worked with. Thanks for the response.

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