On this day, my birthday, my present to myself is to warm my wife's heart. And that entailed picking up dead apples from our trees which have gone dormant early because of the drought. And it involved raking up all the acorns (strategy to eliminate source of food for squirrels & chipmunks which are harbors for ticks). And it involved trimming off the left side of a wild apple tree which has been drooping into one of my wife's perennial beds and, honestly, which is more important?

@GeoffreyGevalt Happy birthday to you! I hope you are celebrated and celebrate in all those things. What a joy to have and to be and to be with. A wonderful birthday (and unbirthday) to the two of you.

@GeoffreyGevalt I love that your present is to help your loved one. Happy birthday, my friend. May your yard stay tidy and clean for another day.


"A day late and a dollar short."

Still, here is my wish and it didn't cost a dollar to make or even to deliver.

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