There's a moment in Vermont where fall bleeds into winter, more like a gash than a slow wound, a time when the leaves have shed, the perpetual gray sky has moved in and the chill really means it. I have difficulty adjusting. Looking out the window shortly after dawn, I see, to my horror, that it is snowing. My horror centers on the uncovered lettuce and chard and parsley and basil. Old sheets collected, I fly out of the house to cover them and realize, oh silly me, I am barefoot.

@GeoffreyGevalt 'I have difficulty adjusting'

yes, me too. and to make it more pronounced, as I went to type that word, I had to scan your writing to find it, so I could spell it correctly. Difficulty spelling, difficulty finding, difficulty difficultising. Maybe another blanket will help.

@dogtrax Oh. ya. Freeze came last night so last of lettuce and chard is gone. Kale, brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, beets still hanging in there.

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