Have dived into the water of @Downes "E-learning 3.0" MOOC (

I have set up my blog: (Go to for rss link.)

In my first post I try to explain (to myself) why I am participating and to share a little bit about my background in e-learning:

Feedback, response, ALWAYS appreciated. You can leave comment there, too.

@lauraritchie has gotten started, too:

@lauraritchie thanks. I offer this idea, let's be classroom buddies and respond, when we can, to each other. That will help me, at least, have a sense that someone is actually reading what I am writing.

@GeoffreyGevalt me too! I will read and I'm sure enjoy. I'm looking forward to @Downes video of how to do grsshopper live as I think that will be my speed! :)

@GeoffreyGevalt I wrote you a long rambly comment - says it's in moderation... hope it hasn't vanished!

@GeoffreyGevalt @lauraritchie Buddy systems work great. I am wandering around the initial post right now

@dogtrax buddies aren't limited to two, we can have a gaggle of buddies and you're definitely invited! @GeoffreyGevalt

@lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt Thanks. Let me figure out what is going on (not that that ever stopped me before) and dip my toes in. Anything with @Downes is worth a gander and a jump.

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