Such a powerful experience to hear your work presented on stage. So indebted to Vermont Stage Company which, beginning last night, is presenting one of my recent stories as part of its Winter Tales show. Did not know the actor, Patrick Clow, but was startled by his depth, power & understanding. The experience -- his reading and 150 people in the live audience -- was like inviting your neighborhood into your brain for a cup of coffee and scones. Alarming but uplifting.

@GeoffreyGevalt So cool! I remember once having a musical play I wrote performed by a high school summer arts camp, and watching it from the audience as they premiered it was this oddly giddy experience. I'm glad your words were celebrated like that. But I understand the slight unease of your words being celebrated like that, too. reaction

@dogtrax tnks. This is my 2nd story to be staged; both gave me much affirmation that I'm going in the right direction; both are characters from a much larger piece in progress. With larger piece, I'm at character exploration stage, creating their back stories, getting acquainted with them. A surprise character, a ghost, has appeared, bringing clarity on central tension/plot; also working on a new central character, as well as developing the town. Hope to start real writing in spring.

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