I have been wrestling with a cold/flu for 12 days (seems like weeks) now and today I could take it no longer. I got dressed, bundled up, got my camera and headed for the woods. A favorite spot -- a trail that leads to a smaller trail which today lead to a trail that was only in use by animals. A bit of a climb but I was oh so rewarded at the top with a gorgeous view of the Adirondacks. i stayed almost too late, coming down as it grew dark. Knowing the way helped. Enjoy the view.

@GeoffreyGevalt Stunning vision of the mountains set against the sky ... it looks like a painting ...

@annabelle_lee thank you so much. A rare late afternoon: the light and clouds color were changing every few minutes. To be all alone on a mountaintop ... sweet. I appreciate your taking the time to comment, annabelle.

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