Fuck Off!

To hell with algorithms.
I don't want algorithms.
They are anti-stories.
I want imagination
Rooted in fact.
That's the story I need.
And you.
And you?



In an act of desperation,
I search, click, open, like
of disinterest
of banality,
of no import,
my act only done
to thwart,
the algorithm,
that, seemingly, dictates
what interests me,
what should interest me,
to what end,
do I fight?

@tellio I know. What I do is akin to walking into someone's house & tilting all their picture frames off kilter. But I persist with the insane notion that I can control what these companies know about me, do to me, learn from me. Truth: I've spent so much time with teens these past few years, I've adopted their attitude: So? But I do hold out hope that the Web will fragment again, & be dominated by small and civil communities of interest, hosting interactions of the positive kind. Like here.

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