Mastodon queries. I created an account on in hopes that that instance connects me to more people engaged in the writing profession, thus more opportunity for feedback on specific work. Managing two accounts seems crazy; HOWEVER, I am unsure what happens if I redirect this account to the one there. Do I lose the follows/followers? Do I lose the toots & replies? Do you no longer see me? Are my toots only posted there or are they also posted here? Anyone out there with knowledge?

Thanks to @lauraritchie and @clhendricksbc @clhendricksbc for the info. I think I will split my brain yet again and keep both accounts in different Mastodon instances, here & ... I may repost a fair amount from instance to instance. I feel a need to try to help build a writing community, a place where people can exchange ideas and help, though 500 characters is a handicap for us writerly (cough, cough, verbose) types.

@GeoffreyGevalt I think if you switch, you need to occasionally circulate a post on the old account that says you switched and please follow you there... I think this account stays dormant unless you delete it.

keep us posted!


I’ve not done it, but I think if you use the migrate functions in settings it will help bring it to your followers’ attention that you’ve moved, so they may act to refollow again. Your follower account will trim, but that’s the way it goes. Your old account remains unless you delete it. There are tools to export your data beforehand, if you want to save it offline. There is no function to change your post history to a new instance, however.



W.E has a max of 1000 accounts, reached. Few of which (12?) actually post anything (better than a million shitposters, though). Of those that do, most are scifi/fantasy oriented. In my year or so on w.e, l’ve seen no evidence of actual exchange of writing. Toots or Shared links to stuff made public, yes. So still a promotional channel, expectedly.

Gut feeling: the instance doesn’t matter, it’s who you network with. Also, most writers haven’t found the f’verse yet.


Hi Geoffrey,
You can import those that you are following from your previous account, but I do think that you lose all of your followers - They need to re-follow.

You can follow yourself from one account to the other and boost yourself. You can also add a MOVED: to the old profile.

There are likely other good suggestions out there.

@tdorey Thanks Tanya. I think I'll just have two accounts and focus the other more on specific writerly discussions. I do like hanging out here with all of you. How are things with you? I hope well.

@GeoffreyGevalt I have yet to make a second footprint elsewhere on any other instance ... not sure if it is laziness or undecidedness or keeping the chaos at bay (as if).

@dogtrax true that. We’ll see. Now that I have more time of my own, I thought it would be worth contributing to an online community of writers. Worth a shot given that years ago that’s exactly what the Web accorded us. Then came consolidation, algorithms, monetization and, in parallel, cane trolls and incivility and self promotion. I guess I ask, “Can we just talk, please?”

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