Mastodon queries. I created an account on in hopes that that instance connects me to more people engaged in the writing profession, thus more opportunity for feedback on specific work. Managing two accounts seems crazy; HOWEVER, I am unsure what happens if I redirect this account to the one there. Do I lose the follows/followers? Do I lose the toots & replies? Do you no longer see me? Are my toots only posted there or are they also posted here? Anyone out there with knowledge?


Thanks to @lauraritchie and @clhendricksbc @clhendricksbc for the info. I think I will split my brain yet again and keep both accounts in different Mastodon instances, here & ... I may repost a fair amount from instance to instance. I feel a need to try to help build a writing community, a place where people can exchange ideas and help, though 500 characters is a handicap for us writerly (cough, cough, verbose) types.

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