Janus Time

Open doorways,
Frames on fault lines.
We need to know
where these lines are
so that we can cross them,
those ordinary
liminal, phase-changes
But the way to see them
is to unpack
the line from steam to rain to ice
in all its dangerous,
silver-black clarity,
a perfect
edgy and in the hedgerows,
alive and flickering in the periphery
like a zoetrope.


@tellio I love most about this poem, this: "We need to know / where these lines are / so that we can cross them, /" ... Perfect.

Thank you. My oldest daughter and I are at a threshold, a jolting change that is both difficult and exciting and, yes, "dangerous." And unknown. Thank you so much for this poem.

And the photo is a literal "sprout" from your poem. :)

@tellio Cool link. We should do a exchange: links to beautiful, riveting, funny, inspiring posts - words, vids, images, art - we love. Here’s one: (I shared with @lauraritchie in response to her murmuration vid): vimeo.com/islandsandrivers/mur

When this was first posted I used it as a warm-up writing exercise for teachers in my Master’s classes: “Watch this, write for 7 minutes whatever comes to mind.” No matter their mood the vid made them joyous, and yielded surprises in their writing.

@tellio should have said thresholds, as each of us are crossing our own for different reasons, at different stages, but we share a commonality of emotion and situation as we search, explore, plan our next stages.

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