@lightweight hi Dave the yapnet.org community is amazing. Love to have you. Go to geoffreygevalt.com/contact to sign up.

@lightweight indeed. Look forward to your entry into the site. You will have the added value of potentially helping me (very occasionally) untie a perplexing Drupalian knot should I encounter such. :)

@lightweight I agree, Dave. in days of 4.7 Drupal was true open source & a community. By Drupal 6, major early developers started monetizing & pressure was on to be leading edge instead of strengthening what was there & making it easier for developers. FYI yapnet.org is in D7; I'm hoping it will last 4 years. (& that shift to 8 will be easier.)

P.S. I'd love to have you help shape the community. go to geoffreygevalt.com/contact and I'll send you email on link to create account.

@cogdog @lightweight @wentale @lauraritchie @dogtrax @tellio @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @Downes @hrheingold @dartigen fantastic. thanks. While this may seem a bit cart-before-the-horse, by building a site, we can define, refine, strategize and decide whether we have critical mass -- & need -- for a private, respectful community for exchanging support on unvarnished works and ideas. I think the idea has merit & can meld with other individual & group spaces. yapnet.org

YAPNET Community Leaders have started to jump into yapnet.org to help with tweaking the site, defining and focusing its strategy and seeding with content. Yapnet is a free private online community for creatives to share works-in-progress for feedback & support. Not yet launched BUT we are looking for more Community Leaders to help get it off the ground. Site is working & improvements are made daily. Your input vital. How can this space help you? Interested? geoffreygevalt.com/onwriting

@cogdog @lightweight @wentale @lauraritchie @dogtrax @tellio @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @Downes @hrheingold @dartigen Alan, (Stephen, too) A partner in this thought it bears reiteration: This space is intended for "creative practitioners" to share unfinished work, unvarnished ideas for some feedback -- perspective in private. No love buttons, no limits on responses; leave worries about your reputation at the door. An open space, in private, thus enhancing other communities & spaces.

YAPNET: yapnet.org -- a private, respectful space for people to share unfinished creations of any genre and type is up & working. But a few things need to be done before it's ready for prime time. Who among you is interested, excited, enthused enough to help get this idea going? Please sign up here -- geoffreygevalt.com/contact & I'll get with you in a few days.

For more: geoffreygevalt.com/onwriting or https:/yapnet.org @dogtrax @lauraritchie @tellio @lightweight @wentale @voidspace

@lightweight @wentale totally got it. Showed me the complexity of how you think. Peace.

@wentale @lightweight if so, please go here: geoffreygevalt.com/contact
Thank you so much. And I so appreciate the interest; I’d love to have you as part of the core.

@wentale @lightweight

Poetry in the hands of teens
Is a key used
Self-discovery, awakening
Finding voice.
By giving them audience,
Heartfelt and open
I affirmed, valued
And so they flew.

Adults deserve
Such treatment,
Such care.
Are you in?

@lightweight @wentale @lauraritchie @dogtrax @cogdog @tellio @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @Downes @hrheingold @dartigen thanks so much for this conversation. A) video embeds, images to slideshows, direct audio record to blog post and comments are part of the platform. B) if kids can do it, adults can too. YWP showed me that. Remember this site will be private, participants will have to apply, that eliminates bots, trolls & spammers. Respect is the only rule. Cool?

@lightweight Dave, I left you a comment in return on your blog which I found fascinating. Did anything come of it or did the "Chester" view win out? And folks, to know what we're talking about: davelane.nz/different-approach

@PLA nicely done. always difficult to capture a clear image of the moon. (Particularly in Vermont where most of the time it's behind clouds!)

@Downes @lauraritchie @dogtrax @cogdog @tellio @lightweight @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @hrheingold @wentale @dartigen (2): so I must fragment or limit my response. Further, since I can't share a full piece & get direct feedback I post a link & send you away & if you do go (doubtful) to where I send you, you may have a devil of a time responding (so you don't).

Or I might be in a MOOC group; the course is over. What then?

I'm suggesting a complementary space for deeper connection.

@Downes @lauraritchie @dogtrax @cogdog @tellio @lightweight @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @hrheingold @wentale @dartigen
Thanks so much, Stephen. I've long respected your work & ideas and am appreciative that you'd take the time to respond.

My response 1: I'm suggesting a complement to many existing groups, a way to offset limitations within the platforms around which those groups have formed, not a go away and hide thing.

Take this space: I am limited to 500 characters. ....

I have greatly appreciated the early response to my idea: geoffreygevalt.com/onwriting/a and I have written a quick follow-up post: geoffreygevalt.com/onwriting/d

I'd love some feedback on the post -- a community is better with more heads in the game &, if you want to stay in loop and/or help in some low-intensity ways, sign up at geoffreygevalt.com/contact

Feedback has been that a space like this would work, would benefit. But it needs people, so boost to others you think might be interested. THANKS!

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