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@lauraritchie I think that Homeland Security should block the President-Whose-Name-I-Dare-Not-Mention from returning from Hamburg for national security reasons. Perhaps he could be taken to a refugee camp.

@ShorterPearson @lauraritchie @katebowles @Tdorey ... re middle school: A case in point (the yin and yang of teen existence) is this piece,
which contains these lines:

"because i have been forced to admit
that i am actually an optimist
who is terrified of being disappointed
and so calls herself a pessimist and refuses to hope."

think about it. :)

Many thanks to @cogdog for this idea of recording everyday sound outside your door. This is from my porch, early in the morning, a few jostling crows and other birds. Enjoy. @lauraritchie @katebowles @tellio @ShorterPearson @Tdorey

Today's challenge, part of our Young Writers Project (summer of stories), is "NOTE" ...

I took my response literally,@lauraritchie, and had fun with something you did, using some of your music for my little, silly response:

@cogdog @tellio @katebowles @Nomadwarmachine

@lauraritchie @tellio @Nomadwarmachine Sometimes we get so lost on the big things, we forget the little things. A

We at worked w. 7th graders who came onto our site to create Moth Stories. We had them: record a story; write another; record that one; comment; revise; re-record,; practice. Do it live. We went. It was awesome. 40 confident, having-fun 7th graders. Flurry of thank you notes to us. The best: "Thank you for being nice to me."

Inspired by Mastodon, and, in particular @lauraritchie (and, folks, you really MUST read and comment on her piece today on her blog site: ) Young Writers Project has started a 500-character story widget: ... We look forward to what the kids do.

Young Writers Project launches its annual Summer of Stories: Daily challenges, weekly workshops & plans for Google Hangouts, random challenges and prizes (YWP chocolate for sure).

15 virtual Community Leaders, 4 YWP staff poised forfeedback, sprouting and other fun things.

Pass word to any youngun' you know.

If you're an oldun', we'd love virtual mentors, but only if you post too! (occasionally), so sign up! @cogdog @lauraritchie @dogtrax @tellio @mahabali

@lauraritchie Cal Senior was 5' 4" tall with a hoarse voice that sounded like he smoked Camels. He did. As a kid my Dad, despite polio and crutches, made house calls, and got paid in curious ways. Cal would knock on the door and hand me four milk cartons of frozen water, stapled at the top with trout tails protruding out. "Get 'em right back in the freezer," he'd say. When thawed, the fish, fresh and cleaned, were delicious once fried in olive oil. Adequate payment, Dad said.

I have to just say to all of you -- that massive number of people following :) that I feel somewhat like I did when I first jumped on Twitter back in its early days. A courtesy and excitement that something good will come from this.

I have to say the fact this is not a space under the thumb of some single corporation with algorithms and investors keen on monetizing gives me great hope in the InterWeb. And as someone who started the 13th news organization Web site back in 1995, how sweet it is.

@lauraritchie Laura Ritchie hello! so nice to see you on this new space.

@TheWayneGibbons Thanks for following, Wayne. I look forward to learning more about your work.

@wiobyrne and @clhendricksbc thanks for the follows. I am in hopes that Mastodon will allow for more focused sharing and exchanges around digital education, creativity and youth voice. Also am particularly interested in exploring digital identity issues that youths (and old farts like me) are facing.

@Algot I believe you are my first follower. And as to my being shy, well, not so. Am just getting my bearings with this new space -- was suggested by folks participating in and see some great potential. Linking up with like-minded souls. Thanks again for the reach-out

@Gargron Just joined, so execuse my lack of knowledge. But how does one filter languages on federated timeline. Impossible to navigate otherwise.


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