just remember, even on your worst day, you're better than the person your youtube recommendations think you are

Slightly confused by the new Xcode icon. Happy to hear people's interpretations!

One of those days where you create a folder called "f**ked" and move your whole repo into it, and start again

I haven’t got much painting done this week, so for my here is the Nighthaunt army I’ve been working on for

Hedge, Kalam, Quick Ben, Fiddler, Whiskeyjack... if these names mean nothing to you, you haven’t read the Malazan series yet. Unquestionably the best fantasy I’ve ever read. Do yourself a favour and look them up.

I haven't done any for a while, so I'm trying to motivate myself by posting some previous work, my Skaven Doomwheel for

“Ke kai moana. In English, it's called the Pacific Ocean, but it's important to remember our words."

"Because language is the heart of culture?"

"That's right. And our culture is as travellers. The vast ocean did not hold us apart. It was what we shared together.”

“And so we kept sailing?”

She looked at Earth, a bright point against the blues and pinks of the martian sunset sky. “The ocean is bigger now, ku’u aloha, but the feeling is the same.”

#MicroFiction #TootFic #smallstories #Mars

Doing an introduction reminded me, I haven't posted any images for a bit, so here's my Skaven Grey Seer for

Ok, so I never did the thing properly (or at all). Here goes...

I'm a software developer, primarily working with . I have a background and interest in and , and I love talking about weird things like build systems.

Outside of work, I'm a parent and taxi driver for my family, but also enjoy , and .

If pushed, I'll happily say that Janeway was the best captain and that the best fantasy ever was the Malazan series.

belief in meritocracy is deeply corrosive to your empathy. it's never too late to realize you've ingested it and spit it out

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