We built a sim of world's climate battle – here's what happened when delegates played it at COP24 - The Conversation US

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Don't trust what you'll read in the grauniad or elsewhere, the ceo of "start-up france" hasn't given anything, the minimum wage raise was already planned in part and the rest of the money will just be stolen elsewhere. Nothing on what people really wanted (no taxing the rich, nothing about a carbon tax for companies, nothing about his labour law reforms nobody wanted...)
Also, racist dogwhistles and threats to his opponents, because why not

Lidded bowl with peony and raindrop patterns A.D. 1400–1499 Korean Buncheong stoneware with inlaid and stamped decoration

Still enjoying apple flailing around confused by their falling user base numbers because for some reason they didn't foresee this when they jacked up the price of their phones to like $1k

"What do you mean, people won't have enough money to buy our phones? Consumers will buy it anyway!"

*nobody buys their over expensive shit*

"What is happening. Why is this happening. Just a random fluctuation in the market no one could've predicted I guess"

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if you can't feel your particles vibrating at the subatomic level then you haven't had enough coffee yet

Capitalists like to talk up the insivible hand of the free market but then act confused when the invisible hand fucks them over

Boost to add another pollen granule to this bat's little face

Sanders and DNC Level Playing Field for 2020 Presidential Debates - Truthdig

Pilot’s stunning aerial desert picture wins National Geographic’s 2018 photo contest - National Geographic

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> limited government, fiscal responsibility, a superpower foreign policy, and individual freedom

Problem is small government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom don't exist under an empire.

That's why I'm tired of people declaring conservatives (like me, Boot, Rubin, Wilson and others) who still believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, a superpower foreign policy, and individu…

Do You Have a Healthy Personality? Take This New Psychology Test to Find Out - Newsweek

What's really happening on the U.S.-Mexico border? Here are the facts. - NPR

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