Hello, Mastodonians. I'm wondering: do you have a strategy for keeping up a high level of interaction with people on the web while keeping things pleasant and positive? Are there things/places you avoid or emphasize? What do you do to put your voice out there, but try to reduce negative and ultimately pointless arguments and interactions?


Hi Andrew, I guess that there is no real answer to your questions. People discuss. I have the feeling that people on Mastodon are quite , particularly compared to . However, there are discussions which are more confronting and less pleasant such as

Hi, @GerryT! I get that, and I understand. Mastodon is a good place, although I haven't quite found my community here yet. But I find that things devolve super-quickly in the broader 'net. I wonder how folks deal?


@awhite I also think that Mastodon is a good place. Twitter has gotten quite nasty. The idea of local and federated timelines is IMHO a good idea. Mastodon is quite small (and I also haven't quite found my community yet), but growing at a pace of ~14,000 users per day at the moment. Just see dashboards.mnm.social/d/000000

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