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Esperanto's dictionary / is developing well and there are clear rules. But what are the terms for:
* Mastodon
* Fediverse
* Microblogging

@GerryT @Gargron As it stands everything is taken from a dictionary published in 1906, so I don't think they're in there! :D

I could probably add to it if you know of another wordlist though


@vortaro @Gargron @Vanege
Thanks for your reply. Is it already in the up-to-date Plena Ilustrita Vortaro?

vortaro.net/#interreto (the term for Internet is in, which I suppose did not exist in 1906 🙂 ).

@GerryT You can't put "up-to-date" and "Plena Ilustrita Vortaro" in the same sentence. Vortaro.net is mainly based on PIV 2005 and the dictionary altogether should be revamped. Also, it is not a "faka vortaro", so it is unlikely to have such a technical term.

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