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Esperanto's dictionary / is developing well and there are clear rules. But what are the terms for:
* Mastodon
* Fediverse
* Microblogging

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That's quite easy actually, proper names can be used as is.

So Mastodon -> Mastodon
Fediverse -> Fediverse
Microblogging is Blogetado, which is blog-et-ad-o, the action of continuous small blogging

@Vanege @GerryT @vortaro @Gargron I thought microblog would follow the same form as mikrofono kaj mikroskopo and thus be mikroblogo.

Either that or katido kaj hundido, thus blogido. Sed mi me scias kiel oni verbiĝas (fariĝi verbo) 'mikroblogo'.


Is microblogging in Esperanto Mikroblogo like @teslas_moustache says or Blogetado like @Vanege suggests?

@vortaro @Gargron

@GerryT @Vanege @vortaro @Gargron microblogo would be a noun, like 'tio estas mia mikroblogo'. But I suppose the verb would be 'mikroblogi -as -is -os -us -u'

@GerryT @Vanege @vortaro @Gargron to make things consistent with the naming of locations in Esperanto, such as lando (country) Ĉinio (China) and Usono I would call the Fediverse 'la Fediverso'.

Also, Federated -> federis. Universe -> universo. So it stands to reason.

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